Handcrafted Refrigerator Souvenir Magnets

Our large selection of handcrafted refrigerator souvenir magnets include realistic sea-life, wildlife, zoo, and farm animals, plus a wide assortment of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and whimsical fridge magnets. Many of our items are specific to a travel destination. Turn these “Made in USA” collectible magnets into souvenirs with our free name-drop service.

All our products are made in Indiana and drop shipped to our customers. We are strictly B2B wholesale; we do not sell retail. We typically ship UPS Ground, but will ship by any service and using your third party account. Everything goes out with a tracking number, which is included on your emailed invoice.

We use durable polymer clay for our products, which is popular with hobbyists, and known for its bright colors.


2020 Wholesale Fridge Magnet Catalog

Price increase

Effective immediately wholesale prices for magnets and ornaments is $3.75 each. Inhouse orders will honor the prior $3.50 price.

ODOO Enterprise

We are transitioning to the ODOO open source ERP platform to run Clay Critters. It is a 'headless' business software utilizing integrated apps. It will reduce our need to use many applications that do not communicate with one another.

Price increase for 2023

Effective May 1, 2023, the wholesale prices for all our magnets and ornaments is $3.50 each. Please download the updated order form. Keychains are no longer available.

Bye, Bye Keychains

Effective immediately, Clay Critters will no longer provide the Keychain option for its designs. We will continue to sell Magnets and Ornaments, both at $3.25 each wholesale.

Price increase for 2022

On February 1, 2022, wholesale prices for our magnets, keychains, and ornaments will increase to $3.25 each. The current pricing will be honored for all orders received before that date.

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