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About the Business:

  • Clay Critters is an Indiana corporation. We have 18 employees in 16,000 square feet of energy-efficient, quiet, healthy manufacturing space.
  • Order Minimums: $100.00 for opening orders, $50.00 for reorders. Minimum of 2 each per magnet style.
  • Name-Drops are laser-engraved free of charge with no set-up fee provided you order at least 6 pieces per style, otherwise there is a 50¢ setup fee per style.
  • We do not accept returns on name-dropped items.
  • Wholesale accounts are net30, or credit card if supplied with the order.
  • We accept VISA, Discover, American Express and MasterCard.
  • We do not accept CODs.
  • Damaged goods must be reported to us within 30 days of receipt for credit or replacement. A photo or returned item is required as proof.
  • Our ship time generally runs 1 week. Ship dating is OK. We do not backorder.
  • We can add barcode tickets for customers with POS scanners. We can use our registered UCC barcode or your barcoding.

About the Product:

  • The product material is a non-toxic polymer clay, similar in composition to the popular Fimo or Sculpey brands.
  • We use high-strength, multi-pole ceramic magnets attached with a shock-resistant industrial cyanoacrylate adhesive.
  • Some items are hand painted or produced by a proprietary color swirling process developed by Clay Critters. Others are faux granite, metal filled, heat-transfer decals, or airbrushed with iridescent finishes.
  • All of our products are produced in the good old USA, and shipped from our workshop in centrally located Indiana, literally “On the Banks of the Wabash, Far, Far Away.”
  • We make the displays ourselves to keep costs down and quality up. The 6’ floor display moves the most product. Displays are not sold separately.
  • Shipping assorted colors is the norm for us. We can do some adjustment like, “No Darks” or “Light & Brights.”
  • Special colors are possible at no extra cost; minimum order for custom color is 48 pieces (±10%) per style.
  • Designs, colors and prices are subject to change without notice.


NEW! Red Panda

NEW! Red Panda

Many zoos are adding Red Panda exhibits. We made this by special request from three zoos.

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