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NEW! Peacock Feather Magnet

We’ve always liked our colorful Peacock design, so we focused on just a single feather. Plus, we’ve been seeing a lot of peacock feathers in the fashion market and decorative arts.  The feather is airbrushed with a rainbow of  iridescent paint, and its centerpiece is a large Swarovski jewel, about 3/8″ in diameter.

Peacock Feather Magnet

Peacock Feather – 50302

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NEW! Retro Frig Magnet

This is our “refrigerator” refrigerator magnet! We couldn’t resist the pun. It is available in assorted colors including blue, pink, and turquoise. It is a good companion for our Retro Mixer, too.

Frig - 50303

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NEW! Retro Mixer Magnet

The ’50s style mixer is available in assorted colors including this retro turquoise, and is a good companion for our Retro Frig.

Mixer - 50301

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NEW! St. Louis Arch

This grand addition to our Destinations line is reflected in the waters of the nearby Mighty Mississippi. Properly known as the Gateway Arch, it stands 630 feet tall and is the highest monument in the United States. Ironically, the idea was conceived by fellow Hoosier Luther Ely Smith in 1933.

St. Louis Gateway Arch 50603

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NEW! Pretzel Magnet

This yummy magnet looks like the real deal, with sprinkles of faux rock salt. Shown name-dropped with “Philadelphia.” This item goes in our Destinations and Food line.

Pretzel - 46361

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NEW! LOVE Magnet

Based on Robert Indiana’s iconic ’60s image, this 2″ wide magnet ships in assorted colors with your name-drop on the base below the letters. We like Hoosier artists, but then we are a little biased.

LOVE - 50294

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NEW! Hydrangea Magnet

Hydrangea magnet, about 2.8″ across, with five Swarovski jewels and airbrushed finish. See more of our flowers in our product gallery.


Hydrangea - 50285

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NEW! Shave Ice Magnet

Shave Ice, the name it goes by in Hawaii, or Snow Cone, what it’s called in the continental United States, should probably be called “Brain Freeze in a Cup.”  Ours are safer to enjoy. Shipped in assorted “flavors” including the traditional tri-color. About 2.4″ high.

Shave Ice - 50284

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New! Great States! Magnets

Announcing our new line of These Great United States! Each magnet is made from a thick silhouette in “map yellow” with the capitals marked by a Swarovski crystal. Decorating each state are miniature examples of what makes that state great, like their official bird, flower, or tree, or a notable tourist destination. We have all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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NEW! Delectable Cupcake Magnets

These colorful designs were molded from homemade cupcakes for tasty realism. We make them in almost two dozen assorted colors and decorations. About 1.8″ wide.

Cupcakes - MJ0281

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