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NEW! Alien Magnet

We’ve wanted to make an alien for years, but couldn’t come up with a good method for portraying one of its main features, those almond-shaped black glassy eyes. We finally found a source and modeled the head around them. Our alien glows in the dark; something real aliens are envious of. Note, this item was too new to make the catalog.

Alien - 50608

Alien – 50608

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NEW! T-Shirt Magnet

UPDATE: These now have an airbrushed background for more pizazz! Many of you have asked for custom magnets that are too specific for our generic-styles-only marketing plan. This universal item solves that problem. It’s a blank T-Shirt, and, like its full-sized cloth counterpart, it has lots of room for just about any name-drop, saying, or sentiment. This is your chance to, “Say it like it is!”  But remember, the laser-mark is always brown. Oh, and unlike a cloth teeshirt, ours won’t fade, tear, or get lost in the dryer.

T-Shirt Magnets

T-Shirt – 88099

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NEW! Bacon! Magnet

The country has gone hog wild for bacon. Bacon is the new snack, condiment, and entre. Clay Critter’s first designs were the Whole Hog and Pig Heads. It is only fitting that we now complete our magnetic food chain.

Bacon! - 41501

Bacon! – 41501

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NEW! “Sunnies” Flamingo

Another cool and too cute beach item that compliments our “Sunnies” Turtle. This one pictured with a “Florida” name-drop.

"Sunnies" Flamingo - 50305

“Sunnies” Flamingo – 50305

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NEW! Peachtree St. Sign

Another entry for our Destinations line of locale-specific magnets, this one just for Atlanta, Georgia.

Peachtree St.

Peachtree Street Sign – 50308

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NEW! Ristra Magnet

Our Ristra Magnet nicely compliments our Southwest collection and is useful for some destinations, too.


Ristra Magnet – 50306

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NEW! Jeweled Palm Tree Magnet

This is the new, jeweled version of our very popular Palm Tree.

Palm Tree, jeweled – 50304

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NEW! Peacock Feather Magnet

We’ve always liked our colorful Peacock design, so we focused on just a single feather. Plus, we’ve been seeing a lot of peacock feathers in the fashion market and decorative arts.  The feather is airbrushed with a rainbow of  iridescent paint, and its centerpiece is a large Swarovski jewel, about 3/8″ in diameter.

Peacock Feather Magnet

Peacock Feather – 50302

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NEW! Retro Frig Magnet

This is our “refrigerator” refrigerator magnet! We couldn’t resist the pun. It is available in assorted colors including blue, pink, and turquoise. It is a good companion for our Retro Mixer, too.

Frig - 50303

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NEW! Retro Mixer Magnet

The ’50s style mixer is available in assorted colors including this retro turquoise, and is a good companion for our Retro Frig.

Mixer - 50301

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