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NEW! Peachtree St. Sign

Another entry for our Destinations line of locale-specific magnets, this one just for Atlanta, Georgia.

Peachtree St.

Peachtree Street Sign – 50308

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NEW! St. Louis Arch

This grand addition to our Destinations line is reflected in the waters of the nearby Mighty Mississippi. Properly known as the Gateway Arch, it stands 630 feet tall and is the highest monument in the United States. Ironically, the idea was conceived by fellow Hoosier Luther Ely Smith in 1933.

St. Louis Gateway Arch 50603

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NEW! Pretzel Magnet

This yummy magnet looks like the real deal, with sprinkles of faux rock salt. Shown name-dropped with “Philadelphia.” This item goes in our Destinations and Food line.

Pretzel - 46361

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NEW! Empire State Building Magnet

We machined this “Destinations” design at the request of the Empire State Building gift shop. It is now available to everyone in three colors, limestone, red, white & blue lighting scheme, and pink. About 3.75″ high.¬†MZ0018

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NEW! Statue of Liberty Magnet

This jeweled bust of “The Lady” in verde green was designed for the gift shop located at the base of the monument on Liberty Island, but is available to everyone. It is the newest addition to our Destination line.¬† 3.5″ high.MJ0273

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NEW! Philly Cheesesteak Magnet

Philadelphia is the proud recipient of this new “Destinations” item. 3″ long.MG6360

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DESTINATIONS – Our new line

Clay Critters announces a new line of tourist destination magnets, ornaments, and keychains. These items are strongly associated with a specific or tourist destination. Tourists purchase  destination-related items as a reminder of their trip.


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