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Las Vegas Souvenir Show

Our new twenty-foot booth unveiled at the Las Vegas Souvenir Show today. Please stop by if you are at the show, but expect a wait, the traffic is heavy.Las Vegas gift show 2014

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Trade Show Display

Here’s our new custom, six-foot-long trade show case with drop front from ATS Cases. It’ll hold our expanded 10′ x 20′ booth. This ships out in a few days to the Las Vegas Souvenir Show, September 17-20. trade show case

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NEW! Jeweled Surfboard

Our surfboard has been popular since 2000, and it’s now available in a jeweled version with assorted, variegated airbrushed finish.


Surfboard – 50610

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2014 Catalog is Here!

Our new catalog just arrived from the printer. By now, all current customers will have received their copy in the mail. The catalog is four pages longer, and has all our newest items. You can also download it in PDF form. If you need a price list to FAX in your order, it is online, too. 2014 cover

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NEW! Sugar Skull

The sugar skull, also known as a calavera, is a representation of a human skull made from either sugar or clay, which is used in the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead and the Roman Catholic holiday All Souls Day. Just to be clear, ours are made of clay! In assorted bright colors.


Sugar Skull – 50606

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NEW! Alien Magnet

We’ve wanted to make an alien for years, but couldn’t come up with a good method for portraying one of its main features, those almond-shaped black glassy eyes. We finally found a source and modeled the head around them. Our alien glows in the dark; something real aliens are envious of. Note, this item was too new to make the catalog.

Alien - 50608

Alien – 50608

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NEW! T-Shirt Magnet

UPDATE: These now have an airbrushed background for more pizazz! Many of you have asked for custom magnets that are too specific for our generic-styles-only marketing plan. This universal item solves that problem. It’s a blank T-Shirt, and, like its full-sized cloth counterpart, it has lots of room for just about any name-drop, saying, or sentiment. This is your chance to, “Say it like it is!”  But remember, the laser-mark is always brown. Oh, and unlike a cloth teeshirt, ours won’t fade, tear, or get lost in the dryer.

T-Shirt Magnets

T-Shirt – 88099

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NEW! Bacon! Magnet

The country has gone hog wild for bacon. Bacon is the new snack, condiment, and entre. Clay Critter’s first designs were the Whole Hog and Pig Heads. It is only fitting that we now complete our magnetic food chain.

Bacon! - 41501

Bacon! – 41501

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Digital Patternmaking

Clay Critters has purchased a Formlab 3D stereolithography machine. This little device will replicate three-dimensional objects from a digital file. It will permit us to create new designs faster or better than our previous methods. It won’t replace all methods, such as sculpting or machining, but it certainly has its place in our design toolbox. formlab

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Zippered Poly Bags

Some of you have asked for easier to open poly bags. We’ve found some side-perforated bags that zipper open without needing a knife or scissors. This will make stocking faster and safer. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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