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NEW! Red Panda

Many zoos are adding Red Panda exhibits. We made this by special request from three zoos.

Red Panda -050633

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NEW! Taco

A tasty addition to our expanding food line. Who doesn’t like tacos!

Taco – 50634

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NEW! Life Preserver

Great nautical reminder of a beach adventure! Also known by its proper, but boring, name as a Personal Flotation Device (PFD).

Life Preserver – 50629

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2018 Catalog Available Now!

We’ve published our new catalog early online. You can download a PDF version here. All current customers will receive a catalog in the mail in mid-January. Cheers!

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NEW! Fleur de Lis Magnet

Not a “critter” but certainly an icon. It is a stylized lily, and often used as a logo, symbol, or in heraldry. It is the logo for Boys Scouts of America, and a common symbol in New Orleans.

Fluer de Lis – 50631

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NEW! Motorcycle Magnet

They say Eskimos have fifty words for snow, but Americans have many more for motorcycle. Still, this “hog” doesn’t belong in our Farm Animal line! In assorted colors with jeweled headlamp.

Motocycle – 50630

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NEW! Key Lime Pie Magnet

Whether you are from Florida or not, this is a tasty addition to both our Food and Destinations lines.

Key Lime Pie – 50628

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Our Town!

Lafayette, Indiana ranked #2 on Forbes best place to live! What great news for us! We’ve always like the area and now we have confirmation that we chose well.
City of Lafayette ranks No. 2 on Forbes best list

Tippecanoe County Courthouse, Lafayette, Indiana

Tippecanoe County Courthouse, Lafayette, Indiana

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NEW! Las Vegas Sign Magnet

This iconic welcome sign is now a souvenir magnet.

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New 2016 Catalogs in the Mail!

Today we mailed 1200 of our new catalogs to our major sales representative headquarters. We also delivered about the same number to our bulk mailing vendor. This will put a catalog in the hands of our more than 1,200 loyal customers.

2016 catalogs

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