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Zippered Poly Bags

Some of you have asked for easier to open poly bags. We’ve found some side-perforated bags that zipper open without needing a knife or scissors. This will make stocking faster and safer. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Open Tuesday, January 7

Clay Critters will be open tomorrow, Tuesday, January 7 for business as usual. The parking lot has been scraped, so you won’t need your snowshoes. I turned the heat back up in the building and shoveled the walks, too.  The phone lines are down, so send emails, please.shovel snow

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Clay Critters will be closed on Monday, January 6 because of heavy snowfall, drifting snow, sub-zero temperatures, and dangerous wind chill factors. EMPLOYEES: DO NOT COME TO WORK! Please pass this announcement on to others. We plan to be open on Tuesday, weather permitting. superstorm-wva-snow.jpeg-1280x960



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